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Sallyanne's new award-winning memoir released to rave reviews, This book is a true love story. It will help people going through the process of falling in love while still married to another, dealing with long-distance romance pain and suffering, and coming out!

Light at the End of the Tunnel Cover

Light at the End of the Tunnel,

A Memoir

A suspenseful, page-turning, true love story,

for all people!

Can love conquer all, in this award-winning true story of fate and destiny, hopeless long-distance romance, and coming out?

"As surely as I was breathing was the certainty that everything was about to change and change in a big way. I took a deep breathe as I thought to myself, I better stop and appreciate this day and this time and this life, because something huge was on the horizon.”

In August 1995, Sallyanne Monti was a 34-year-old mother of four, married to her husband of sixteen years, living on Staten Island, NY, an island in the Verrazano Narrows Bay. When by an act of fate via a misdirected email, she met Mickey Neill, a 44-year-old HR Manager, married to her husband of twenty years, living 3,000 miles away in Alameda, CA, an island in the San Francisco Bay.

The rapid progression of events that led to their whirlwind friendship would test the bonds of matrimony, sexuality, and love.


In the wake of a deluge of tears, pain and dismal reality began the journey that would for a long time to come, be known as The Light At The End of The Tunnel. We could only survive in our day-to-day lives if we were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel was the three thousand miles that separated us. The light was being connected, preferably in the same two square inches, or more realistically, by phone or email or computer, if only for a minute or an hour or a day.

Head over to the Gallery to watch Sallyanne read from her debut memoir.

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Lee Lynch, Author

I don’t read memoirs. I don’t read biography or romance. But I sat down with Light at the End of the Tunnel and read far into the night, beginning to end, mesmerized. Romantic it is, and funny, sexy, engagingly suspenseful as Monti details the clashing and melding of two lives. A lot of readers are going to learn from this vividly true story. I’m rarely bereft when a book ends, but this one got inside my heart and won't leave.  

Lea Daley, Author

Light at the End of the Tunnel is an unsparing narrative of predestined passion and the quest to be unified with a soul mate, despite all odds. A random omission in an email address leads Sallyanne Monti down a revelatory path of self-discovery. Heeding her intuition when all seems lost—and even her beloved doubts they can find their way through oppressive darkness—Monti soldiers on. While reading Light, I felt I’d been welcomed to explore the innermost workings of a mind that never rests, never surrenders, never relinquishes hope, no matter how painful the process. Readers will both laugh and cry at Monti’s dogged determination to nudge fate along.

Kay Kudukis, Reader

Sometimes memoirs can be tedious. This is not. It is the story of two married women who meet through an errant email and fall in love with each other. Neither had been in relationships with other women, so it comes as quite a surprise when they fall so hard for each other. There are husbands and children to consider, and preconceived ideals on how lives were to be lived. There are so many ups and catastrophic downs your heart will race as they desperately try to find their way to each other. It’s a love story and a coming out story that Monti has imbued with all the joy, pain and honesty she was feeling during those tumultuous times. It’s a quick read not because it is a short book, but because it’s hard to put down.

Victoria Avilan, Author

A simple error in an email address had started an intimate friendship between two women. That friendship led to an all-consuming journey into wild fantasies while being trapped in a life that suddenly felt too tight. Ms. Monti writes about intimacy with such attention to detail, you feel like a close observer, unable to look away from this love story. Read this luscious memoir with an open mind, as more than once it will make you question your own choices.

Marsha Martin, Reader

Oh, to fall deeply and ridiculously in love. Thank you, Sallyanne, for sharing your experience and the story it shaped. This book is a must-read for a lot of people I know, men and women alike who cherish fresh love stories and honest romance. Sallyanne shares her truth in the story she tells. She shares her vulnerabilities which makes it a story for all of us to enjoy and learn from. In the telling of this story Sallyanne honors 'the there, there', the love, anguish, fear, loss, the risks and abundance of want in a new relationship and budding love affair. As she seeks to hold onto and live for the light at the end of the tunnel she also understands going toward the light will change everything. It is a brave and wonderful book. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a gift.

Lucy J. Madison, Author

Light at the End of the Tunnel by Sallyanne Monti transfixed me. I should have been doing a million other things when I read this book, but I couldn’t put it down. It’s a story about transformation, love, and finding our way home. It’s irresistibly genuine and makes you believe Sallyanne Monti is sitting next to you, telling you the incredible story of her life.

A must read."

Lucie Leblanc, Screenwriter/Life Coach

What a beautiful love story, brilliantly written! I loved it! I was intrigued right from the beginning. I simply couldn’t put the book down. I’m not usually inclined to read a lesbian romantic story, but I am very glad I did. I enjoyed every word. It is super funny, yet very sad and painful at times. I could really feel the author’s pain and everything the characters were going through, the descriptions so vibrant and original. So colorful and creative! I would definitely recommend this book. Sallyanne Monti is truly a gifted writer! 

Patrick Corbett, Reader

This is a compelling story about revelation, falling in love and coming out. Miss Monti has a talent for expressing her feelings in a way we can all relate, fun moments and moving moments written with sensitivity and gut-wrenching honesty. Follow her emotional ups and downs while maintaining a sense of humor in a tale of doubt, trust, and perseverance. Great story. Great storyteller. I couldn’t put it down. You will love it! ​

Maria Siopis, Author

Sallyanne Monti is not only a writer, she is much more than that. She is captivating, talented, and can create havoc with your emotions. When a writer can do this with written words then she qualifies to call herself anything she desires. She is a story teller, an author, a creative force that can make you forget the outside world and pull you into hers. Her Memoir is spectacular. She made me feel all the emotions that cruised throughout her body. I felt the love and resentment. Was it possible? I questioned myself more than once. Can an author, this author, create emotions as such within me? Apparently, it was more than possible. Furthermore, her writing style is smooth and warm like a hot cup of tea with honey, her journey in life painful, and the lessons plentiful. Nevertheless, the best read I experienced for a long while. A true love story. WOW.

John Page, Reader

Sallyanne has such a such a natural way with words, that this is a really satisfying read. Her saga is one that demands fulfillment, that's why I read the whole book through in one sitting. Of course, you kind of know that there's a happy ending..its how Sallyanne spins the story that guides you through the rollercoaster of meetings and partings that counts... if you believe in luck and fate and the power of love, then this book is a must-read.

Nicole Conn, Filmmaker

5-Stars Incredible Page-Turner! Reading Sallyanne Monti's Light at the end of the Tunnel was a wonderful experience and reminded me of the love of my life -- and how similar our journeys were. The two lead characters - Mickey and Sallyanne, real-life partners - are incredibly well-drawn - their differences sharp and distinct -- and sometimes agonizing. Following their harrowing path to get to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, we feel each twist and turn, each new challenge utterly convincing. I read this book over the weekend because I had to know how things turned out. Sallyanne Monti's writing is lovely -- very expressive and when she is clever it is never pretentious. Also, Monti is an incredibly honest writer (no small feat) Although both women are strong individuals she is not afraid to expose their weaknesses as they spiral into a love that knows no end but most certainly will destroy the lives they have built prior to meeting each other. Each is married and Monti's character has four children. It's a wonderful memoir, full of grace and wit and it makes one feel that love truly can conquer all!

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