About the Anthology, A Heart Well Traveled, Volume One


Released December 2017

Sapphire Books Publishing

Edited by Sallyanne Monti

Contributing Author Sallyanne Monti


2017 Rainbow Award Honorable Mention


Discover the many facets of romantic relationships as authors in Volume One of, A Heart Well Traveled, unravel the trials and tribulations of long-distance love affairs.  


Each author, with their own unique style of storytelling, will leave the reader begging for more. Go from wild rides to gentle love stories, exploring the twists and turns lovers go through as they work to be together despite the distance between them. 


Explore bonds beyond friendship, chance meetings, family drama, gender complexity, long-standing love and unexpected passion as lovers seek happily ever after.   


A Heart Well Traveled is a collection of short stories where women who love woman share the joys and challenges of long distance relationships.  Can love really conquer all?


About Sallyanne's Story, The Big Gulp


Will Set Designer Amy Garel win the heart of Mellon Bank Director of Marketing Shelly Johns, in this fast-paced story of unexpected love amidst a diet soda debate that may ultimately define Amy's future? The connection between Amy and Shelly will keep you on the edge of your seat.  




"Who knew that reading lesbian romance could cause a stir and movement in the nether regions for a gay man? (of course I changed the pronouns).", Signed GM in PS


"A thorough collection of well-crafted stories about long-distance relationships. The reasons for the distance were varied: job opportunities, caring for aging parents or family members, financial circumstances, or meeting someone with a well-established life elsewhere. While the reasons for the separations were different, the resulting loneliness, angst, and longing were universal. And, not all of the stories had happy endings.

This is a very solid collection of stories that were thoughtfully brought together in a satisfying, varied array. I look forward to the subsequent collections the editors put together."Signed Curtie


"If you are in the mood for a clever variety of love stories, this is the book for you. Monti has deftly compiled and edited a collection of charming stories that touch on the myriad ways love and romance show up in powerful, mysterious and passionate ways in our life. The stories range from the funny, to the poignant, to the heart-aching to the gender-bending. And there are enough surprises to keep you turning to the next page and the next story. Definitely Check it out! " Signed Oaklandish                 


"Looking for love, struggling with it, pining for it? You will find a short story in this anthology that speaks to you. Once again, Sapphire Books Publishing brings together a fresh group of writers from many backgrounds and varied points of view. This quick and engaging read will leave you wanting more, which is good, because my understanding is there are three books in this particular anthology. The theme is long distance love and there are triumphs and heartbreaks. Sapphire continues to hire great writers and editors. This book flows really well and the editing is seamless. Two of my personal favorites were The Big Gulp by Sallyanne Monti and Trail Magic by Michele M. Reynolds. Get your copy and mark your calendars for release of volumes Two and Three."             Signed JD, California

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