About the Anthology, A Heart Well Traveled, Volume Two


Released September 2017

Sapphire Books Publishing

Edited by Sallyanne Monti

Contributing Author Sallyanne Monti


Each unique short story in this supernatural anthology will transport you to a magical interpretation of romance as authors bring to life, uncommon love affairs and out of the ordinary long distance relationships. Escape into the realms of eroticism, fan fiction fables, intergalactic intimacies, lunar love, mythical fantasy, and past lives revisited. 


Is it fate, is it destiny or is it one of those defining moments where the universe comes to a screeching halt as an epic love appears? 


About Sallyanne's Story, Peter Brady


When Brady Bunch obsessed Business Consultant Sam Tessel, meets Woman's Golf Pro Jess Morgan on an internet dating site, she's skeptical that fate connected them and guarded that Jess could really be, the one. Until their first phone call, when Sam's heart skips a million beats as she hears Jess' sweet crackly pre-pubescent sounding voice, for the first time—A voice she fell in love with in a 1970's sitcom and a voice she could easily listen to for the rest of her life.  




"The stories differ in subject matter but under Sallyanne’s careful eye they are all superbly crafted and fascinating journeys into lesbian love and adventure." Signed GH


"This anthology is a delightful collection of short stories of erotica, fantasy and sci-fi. I enjoyed the different styles and voices and there were quite a few surprises in store. Vickie L Adams ‘Living in her Memories’, a tale of love through time, was sweet and heart-wrenching, while Sallyanne Monti’s ‘Peter Brady was funny and emotional and really got me invested in the characters. Sandy Duggar’s ‘The Encounter’ went somewhere I certainly didn’t see coming and Lea Daley’s ‘Perchance to Dream’ was excellent and caught me off guard. ‘Geekily Yours’ by Samantha Luce was wonderfully hot and skilfully told. I loved reading all of the stories but these were my particular favourites. I heartily recommend this book." Signed Kitty Kat


"Overall an enjoyable collection. I really wish more collections would cover such a wide range of categories, like this one did." Signed, L

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