About the Anthology, Our Happy Hours, LGBT Voices from Gay Bars


Released October 2017

Story Collectors S. Renée Bess and Lee Lynch

Sallyanne Monti Contributing Author

Flashpoint Publications


2018 GCLS Award-Winner


A collection of stories and poems, that portray the relevance of Gay Bars, as places of refuge and community. During the days and nights following the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the world listened as various spokespersons attempted to explain to the general public exactly what the gay bar/club meant to LGBTQI people. The words “safe place,” “refuge,” “free to be ourselves” flew through the air. 


About Sallyanne  Monti's Story, "The G Spot"


In 1998, I shed my Catholic-guilt ridden frock and burst out of the closet. In my newfound lesbian glory, with a trail of rainbow stickers behind me, I was Out and Proud. San Francisco's Saturday night G Spot, held at The Endup Club and produced by The Dinah's Mariah Hanson, was my sanctuary. Join me and the cast of friends and recurring characters as we live some of the best days of our lives. 




"This book is fabulous. My first 30 years out, I always had a “home” bar. State Bar in Flint, MI; Saints, Somewhere Else, the Marquee in Boston & Cambridge, etc. I often called them my other living room. I’d go after work, meet up with friends, play pool, Ms Pacman, Darts, the Juke boxes, dance & have the many conversations that started many of the groups that formed the basis of the so-called “larger” life us LGBT+ folk have now. This book brought it all back, the good, the great, the sad and troubling.
Well worth buying, reading, writing notes in the margins of pages — and sharing with folk who were and were not “in the Life” there with us. Brava to the writers and editors. Bravissima!" Amazon Reader


"A wonderful collection of bar stories before the era of social media. Sentimental, nostolgic and longing. Great read." Amazon Reader

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