About the Anthology The One: Stories of Falling in Love Forever


Released September 2016

Sapphire Books Publishing

Edited by Sallyanne Monti

Contributing Author Sallyanne Monti


An assortment of writers chronicles the discovery of the one woman to share the rest of life's journey. 

If lucky enough, we fall in love once in a lifetime. Children's books and romance novels promise us an encounter with a  beautiful, mythical love—a passionate lover that sweeps us off kilter and changes everyday life into happily-ever-after.


In reality, most fall in a couple of times throughout a lifetime. Yet, those relations fail to fulfill the "forever" expectancy—they end.


Still, we hope that love, true and eternal will embrace us. We hope that Stardust will cover the banal when life becomes monotonous or loneliness grasps us too firmly when days fades to night. 


In The One, an assortment of writers chronicles the discovery of the one woman to share the rest of their life's journey.


Reading about love triumphant sparks desire for more than uninspired routine existence.


Everyone deserves happily ever after!


About Sallyanne Monti's Story, "Happy Apples"


Will Attorney Abi Taylor and Artist Kat Rands overcome the obstacles and live happily ever after, or will this tale of unrequited love end in heartache and longing?     




"It is time for Sally Monti to stop writing short stories and write a novel. The character studies of these two women were perfect. Easy to follow and engage in their lives. I loved the anthology. The writers are excellent, so talented as their words flow. There is nothing like quality, well written Lesbian Romance. Congrats to all of you on a book well done!" Amazon Reader


"Charming anthology featuring 10 sapphic tales of true love. The stories mix well together and range from sweet to sexy. A stand out for me was "Old Habits, New beginnings" by NR Dunham. It had humor and a nice dose of sexiness." Amazon Reader


"This is a wonderful collection of stories…showcasing not just a diverse range of writing styles from the contributing authors, but demonstrating the many different ways that women experience that forever kind of love. Finding it, losing it, keeping it. As the editor says in her preface - "Everyone deserves a happily ever after" Amazon Reader

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